SHINee’s Key Launches Fascinating Preview Clip for ‘Gasoline’

SHINee's Key Launches Fascinating Preview Clip for ‘Gasoline'

Key has actually also went down the track list for his upcoming solo album! Continue reading for much a lot extra.

In advance of his solo comeback on August 30, SHINee’s Key has actually went down a fascinating preview clip for his album, ‘Gasoline’! The new clip starts along with Key worn a kind of advanced armour, as he transforms as well as strolls far from the video cam. The preview video clip goes on show different fancy establishes as well as jaw-droppingly fancy make- design minutes and up.

Before this, Key released the track list for his upcoming album, revealing the labels of all 11 tunes: ‘Gasoline’, ‘Bound’, ‘Villain’, ‘BURN’, ‘Guilty Pleasure’, ‘G.O.A.T (GREATEST OF ALL TIME)’, ‘I Can not Sleep’, ‘Ain’t Gonna Dance’, ‘Another Life’, ‘Delight’, as well as ‘Proud’. The track list handles an innovative ambiance, showcasing the labels in different font styles as well as gone along with through doodles. Out of these tunes, track three, ‘Villain’, will certainly also include NCT’s Jeno!

Prominent as much as the release, Key has actually also released two engrossing state of mind samplers for his upcoming comeback, which comply with the SHINee member as he handles an interesting objective. The concept as well as ambiance of the exact very same are actually starkly different coming from the preview teaser for ‘Gasoline’, enhancing expectancy as well as interest about the release.

Key has actually also released a teaser poster, reminiscent of a movie poster attracted a comic reserve design, in addition to a routine poster as well as a teaser for ‘Gasoline’. Our team can easily additional anticipate teaser pictures, album information, a lyric video clip, a visualizer as well as much a lot extra towards lose, prior to Key formally creates his comeback along with ‘Gasoline’ on August 30.

Remain tuned for much a lot extra updates about Key’s gain along with his second solo album!