SHINee’s Key hilariously teases GOT7’s BamBam

SHINee’s Key hilariously teases GOT7’s BamBam

In recent days, K-Pop idols Key from SHINee and BamBam from GOT7 made all their fans laugh with a meeting in which they talked about their new projects and had fun with hilarious jokes about their age difference and success.

The 32-year-old rapper was invited to the Thai idol’s interview show titled ‘Bam’s House‘, where they remembered how they met when BamBam was only 19, now 7 years later, they both maintain successful careers in the industry.

Key even mentioned Bambam’s currently successful solo career. In addition to making a comment about wishing him the worst for seeing himself displaced by the success of his friend at his young age.

You’re not even 30 yet. You debuted quite a while ago. And you’re making this content alone?” Key said.

I don’t want you to be happy“, the SHINee member added before starting to laugh.

Why are you cursing?“, the other K-Pop artist asked as he began to laugh with him.

Despite these jokes at the beginning of the talk show, Key later sincerely and seriously praised his friend for his great success as a variety show host, as well as his participation in the show ‘EXchange’, and even shared his thoughts when he saw it.

When I heard you were doing the EXchange program, I felt like it was very sudden. I was like, ‘Bambam?’ But when I saw you on the show, I thought, ‘Not bad’“.

You did great“, he finally said.

Watch the full video of this fun interview of SHINee’s Key presented by GOT7’s BamBam below:

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