SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu cancels activities due to a health problem

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu cancels activities due to a health problem

Mingyu of SEVENTEEN is withdrawn from the stages due to a medical condition that makes it impossible for him to move with ease. The 26-year-old idol agency, Pledis Entertainment, announced through its official social networks that on October 26th, the singer had been admitted to the hospital.

The reason for this pause was a severe back pain that left the idol still for a moment. After being treated at the hospital and discharged, the average staff who examined him determined that it was most advisable for his health to keep rest and to ensure his well-being not to participate in the activities of this week.

Fans were informed of the event through an announcement on Weverse: “Mingyu will not be able to participate in the activities scheduled for this week, including the music shows and the Fansign event. We extend our most sincere apologies to you and ask for your kind understanding in this regard“.

Additionally, it explains the events that led to this decision: “Mingyu experienced sudden, paralyzing back pain that required medical treatment. After being examined, the medical staff recommended that he take some free time and monitor his recovery process“, saying that its priority is the health of its artists.

Fans showed great understanding after the agency’s announcement and extended their best wishes to the South Korean singer; however, they also wanted more information about when he would return, to which Pledis Entertainment commented, “We will provide an update on when he will continue with his activities at another date“.

The member of SEVENTEEN has apologized to his fans through his social networks. “CARATs, I’m sorry“, said the singer, not being able to make an act of presence; likewise, he apologizes to his colleagues for not being there. After so much work and rehearsals, there is no doubt that Mingyu feels frustrated not to participate.