Ryan Reynolds can’t hide his love for Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and is exposed

Ryan Reynolds can’t hide his love for Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and is exposed

Bang Chan is the talented leader of Stray Kids and this week he celebrated his 26th birthday. The multicultural KPOP group is composed of 8 really talented idols, one of them is Bang Chan who serves as the leader and who has worked hard not only to lead his fellow idols, but also writes, composes and produces the band’s songs.

There is no doubt that Bang Chan is a multi-talented artist and extremely dedicated to his work, there is much to admire about this rapper, singer and dancer of JYP Entertainment. Besides being a musical genius, he also has a wonderful personality that makes you fall in love with him.

He even managed to turn STAY (the name of his fandom) into nothing more and nothing less than Ryan Reynolds, the popular American actor starring in movies like “DEADPOOL“. So much is the love that Blake Lively‘s husband was totally exposed.

In fact, Bang Chan’s birthday celebration was accompanied by pleasant surprises, as Ryan Reynolds showed his love for the member of Stray Kids through the social network X, formerly Twitter. In the tweet Reynolds posted a charming video of Bang Chan that has completely charmed and even made reference to KPOP group TWICE.

You only turn 26 once. Or is it Twice?” was the description the US actor used to wish Bang Chan a happy birthday through his @MaximumEffort account and completely expose the love he feels for the idol, something really charming.