RIIZE releases the “Love 119” Japanese version

RIIZE releases the “Love 119” Japanese version

RIIZE has become one of the most talked about boybands in the last couple of months because of their smash song, “Love 119.” The rising song became popular in numerous social media trends, and RIIZE knew it was the perfect time to release a new version.

On January 24, RIIZE surprised their fans, better known as BRIIZE, with the Japanese rendition of “Love 119.” Previously, the general public heaped the boyband with praise because of the heartfelt lyrics of the song, accompanied by a great melody and production that had all the elements to become an instant hit.

Now, the boys have released their new version with the Korean music video to further solidify their international status. As RIIZE’s career becomes bigger, they are trying to catch new audiences, and “Love 119” is the living proof of it.

“Love 119” has already earned their second #1 on “Inkigayo” and it is expected to remain in the #1 spot for a couple of weeks after the release of the Japanese version. You can watch the music video below and let us know which of the two versions of “Love 119” you prefer the most.

RIIZE 라이즈 'Love 119 (Japanese Ver.)' MV