Red Velvet Joy Towards Create Drama Comeback in THIS Month

Red Velvet Joy Towards Create Drama Comeback in THIS Month

Kakao TV’s initial drama “Accidental Country Diary” verified its own a lot waited for best day! Starring Red Velvet Joy, Chu Young Woo as well as Baek Seung Cheol, the 3 increasing celebrities will certainly provide an enjoyable country love that will certainly provide convenience as well as vibration towards the viewers.

Red Velvet Joy’s New Drama Towards Best This September

Red Velvet Joy, Chu Young Woo as well as Baek Seung Cheol create their a lot expected go back to the little display along with “Accidental Country Diary” this September!

On Tuesday, August 9, Kakao TV’s initial series “Accidental Country Diary” (literal translation) revealed its own best. The drama observes the tales of love as well as daily lifestyles of the locals of the little town of Heedong.

Red Velvet Joy, that dives towards the function after the excellence of her previous drama, changes right in to Ahn Ja Young, a policeman that will certainly perform everything towards safeguard as well as accommodate her co-residents’ requirements.

On the other hand, Chu Young Woo shows his skills once more as Seoul vet Han Ji Yool that transfer to Heedong Town after getting a telephone call coming from his grandfather.

The actor just lately controlled the little display along with his cider-like behaving in the 2021 resulting grow older dramatization “Authorities College” as well as “Institution 2021.”

Lastly, “The Witch’s Restaurant” actor Baek Seung Cheol participates in the function of Lee Sang Hyun, a young as well as good-looking farmer that was actually birthed as well as increased in Heedong Town together with Ahn Ja Young.

The 3 increasing celebrities exhibit a clean as well as younger harmony, lifting fans’ expectancy. Particularly, they are actually anticipated towards display the significance of a piece of lifestyle drama while imagining the charming youth of individuals residing in a little, charming community.

Furthermore, “Accidental Country Diary” airs for the first opportunity on Monday, September 5 on Kakao TV.

Exactly just what Towards Anticipate Coming from Red Velvet Joy’s Comeback Drama

“Accidental Country Diary” is actually a drama based upon the initial internet unique of the exact very same label through Park Ha Minutes, which was actually released in 2019.

Due to its own charm, followers are actually currently thrilled towards view whether the primary celebrities provided judicature towards the cozy as well as recovering tale of Ahn Ja Young, Han Ji Yool et cetera of Heedong locals.

The new Kakao TV guarantees towards show a drama that will certainly satisfy the thirst of a fantastic love portraying the country lifestyle that contemporary individuals imagine.

“Accidental Country Diary” will certainly create viewers keep in mind their long-forgotten moments of their first likes with the well-made scenes of Red Velvet Joy, Chu Young Woo as well as Baek Seung Cheol.

‘Accidental Country Diary’ Additional Information

The new Kakao TV is actually administered through Kwon Seok Jang, the innovative thoughts responsible for the charming disorder of “Pasta,” “Bossam: Take the Destiny,” “Miss out on Korea” as well as much a lot extra.

“Accidental Country Diary” will certainly be actually created as a 12-part drama, along with thirty minutes operating opportunity each episode on Kakao TV.