Ranking the Mission Impossible Franchise

Ranking the Mission Impossible Franchise

The Mission Impossible Franchise (WATCH OR OWN HERE) has sustained its popularity over the years due to the fantastic combination of action, charm, and good old-fashioned spectacle. Well, and of course, the Tom Cruise-ness of it all. The franchise’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of action film-making with jaw-dropping practical stunts also contributes to its continued success. But Tom Cruise’s star power and importance towards the theatrical experience which places it as one of the most enduring and beloved action franchises in film history.

But with seven movie total (and an eighth coming next year), where do they stack up compared to each other? Well, today, on a very special episode of The Arrow In The Head Show, Tyler and Lance both pick and discuss their rankings, what works, what doesn’t, and why, after all these years, Mission Impossible is still going strong. Grab a drink and settle in as today we rank the Mission Impossible Series!

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