Parisian cabaret ‘Crazy Horse’ unveils photos of BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s show

Parisian cabaret ‘Crazy Horse’ unveils photos of BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s show

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has solidified as one the most influential K-pop artists not only in her hometown, Thailand but overseas because of her undeniable talent, charisma and electrifying aura. After Lisa concluded successfully her performances at the renowned Parisian cabaret, Crazy Horse, the cabaret decided to share a couple of photos from Lisa’s performance.

After Lisa was announced as performer of the cabaret from September 28 to September 30 numerous K-netizens were outraged because they stated she was going to sink her career for being related to a cabaret. However, Lisa emerged victorious from the ashes of multiple comments, because of her talent and the warm welcome from her fans, better known as the BLINKS.

Lisa has been the talk of the town because of her enigmatic and secret performance inside the Parisian cabaret. Numerous BLINKS were asking how she looked during the show and what kind of show she gave during her short stay in the renowned place. Fortunately, ‘Crazy Horse’ unveiled a set of photographs which gave a hint about Lisa’s performance.

The curiosity from the BLINKS was satisfied with numerous pictures from the Thai rapper, who looks gorgeous and happier than ever after concluding her extraodirnary show.

Undeniably, Lisa has solidified her career as a soloist with her spectacular numbers and singles, the success over her music demonstrate and once again she is ready to shut down her retractors’ mouths. This is only the beginning of her magnificent career regardless of what happen next about BLACKPINK’s renewal contract.