Out of control! Jungkook of BTS talks about the relationship he has with his fans

Out of control! Jungkook of BTS talks about the relationship he has with his fans

Jungkook has recently had an interview with Dazed Magazine, and he opened up about one of the most sensitive topics for an artist that is adored by many: the relationship with fans. During the chat with Daze, the “Seven” singer touched upon the relationship he has with his supporters, also known as ARMY. 

In spite of the fact that the magazine has not been officially released for its fall 2023 edition, a little extract of Jungkook’s photoshoot and some of the words he said have been moving across social media platforms.

During the interview, he talked about the different times some fans have violated his own privacy, as well as the privacy of other BTS bandmates. He also affirmed he “does not mind” some of the orders or recommendations ARMY might tell him, as he is a grown man by now.

For example, the Golden Maknae stated he knows “they have interest in me, and they like me” when ARMY tells him to go to bed or not to drink too much. Despite this interest, he generally rebuffs these suggestions because Jungkook does not “mind it at all.” the BTS vocalist also added that “It is not a complicated relationship,” as both of them can talk to each other freely, and he chooses what to accept or do.

Similarly, he referred about the times when fans show up at his gym or send him food to his door. As expressed previously, Jungkook would freely choose to turn them down and tell them, firmly but politely, to stop doing that. The 26-year-old artist added:

“It’s my choice to listen to them or not. If they say something inappropriate it is also my choice, my freedom, to take that in and accept it or to ignore it.”

With these statements, Jungkook certainly cleared out all rumors or speculations about his relationship ARMY and was extremely concise and honest about what they can expect if they decide to trespass some boundaries.

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