NMIXX rules “Music Bank” once again with their smash song, “DASH”

NMIXX rules “Music Bank” once again with their smash song, “DASH”

NMIXX has been gearing up their fans, better known as NSWER, since November 23 with the start of an amazing era. The girls released the pre-release single, “Soñar (Breaker)” from their album, “FE3O4” but ultimately, their song “DASH” ruled the Kpop scene, particularly the South Korean music programs.

“DASH” served as the perfect single to give even more exposure to the girls in the Kpop world. “Music Bank” is completely aware of the girls’ influence, as they were performing in the show, and even they were nominated to take the award home.

On January 26, a new KBS 2TV’s episode of “Music Bank,” was broadcast, with great performers including EVNNE, tripleS Aria, H1-KEY, JD1 (Jung Dong Won), Ryu Jihyun, OnlyOneOf, POW, SISTAR19, WJSN’s SeolA, ITZY, and Kim Jae Hwan, among others.

DASH - NMIXX [Music Bank] | KBS WORLD TV 240126

After a marvelous night, the show was about to end, but not before announcing this week’s winner. The candidates for the first palace were JD1 (Jung Dong Won)’s “Who Am I” and NMIXX’s “DASH.” Ultimately, NMIXX emerged victorious, earning their third win with the song. You can watch the winner’s announcement below:

(Interview) Winner's Ceremony - NMIXX🏆 [Music Bank] | KBS WORLD TV 240126