NMIXX achieves another win on “Inkigayo”

NMIXX achieves another win on “Inkigayo”

NMIXX is slaying in the South Korean music programs, their latest release met critical acclaim and success in different markets worldwide. The girls are still causing a buzz inside the Kpop scene, and “Inkigayo” is completely aware of it.

SBS’ “Inkigayo” broadcast their latest episode with energetic performances by NMIXX themselves, ITZY, SISTAR 19, Hui, Cosmic Girls’ Seola, TWS, and TripleS Aria, among others. The night had such great hype from the audience and everyone was preparing for the big final moment.

The nominees for first place and take the award home were Taeyeon, Lim Jae Hyun, and NMIXX, after a couple of seconds of emotion, the host announced that NMIXX’s “DASH” earned the #1 spot, making their fourth win on “Inkigayo.”

NMIXX haven’t solely won on “Inkigayo”; they also took the crown home on “Music Bank” with their third win. “DASH” has proven to be one of the most popular songs in South Korea, as it seems to be unstoppable. You can watch the winners’ announcement below:

NMIXX win 1st place with DASH on SBS INKIGAYO 240128