NewJeans ties a record with BLACKPINK on the US Billboard Charts

NewJeans ties a record with BLACKPINK on the US Billboard Charts

Earlier this year, NewJeans released their second mini-album titled “Get Up,” which has spawned the massive singles “Super Shy,” “ETA,” “Cool With You” and “ASAP.” The 5-piece girl group has been promoting their project for more than a month now and they are probably extremely thrilled to know about their new chart achievements. 

It turns out that, “Get Up” (which is currently #24 this week on the Billboard 200 Album List) has remained in the coveted chart for a sixth consecutive week. With this, NewJeans has become the very first girl band to chart for such a long time in the top 25 of Billboard 200. 

In addition to that, their infectious hit song “Super Shy,” is currently at the number 95 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. This marks the eighth consecutive week the song has been able to remain on the list. Thanks to this achievement, NewJeans has tied a record with BLACKPINK, as the latter was able to endure in the charts with “Ice Cream” (featuring Selena Gomez). Both groups are now the second ones with the most weeks in the Billboard Hot 100.

Let’s see if NewJeans manages to share (or break) the record FIFTHY FIFTHY has for “Cupid.” This song has been able to remain consistent in the United States and has not left the American charts since its debut. Still, NewJeans are not falling short of expectations since their sales all over the globe have put them in the number one spot in Billboard’s Worldwide Album Sales!

Let us know if you think NewJeans is going to be able to break this record at some point in the comments below.

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