NewJeans’ Minji apologizes for a strong controversy due to fan harassment

NewJeans’ Minji apologizes for a strong controversy due to fan harassment

On January 16th, NewJeans member Minji had to apologize through a long letter to Phoning for a recent and strong controversy that went viral on social networks and even made the idol receive fan harassment.

All started when the K-Pop group members appeared on a broadcast with the streamer ChimChakMan, where they were talking about the types of noodles when Minji asked, “What is kalguksu?” which shocked fans who started sending negative comments for not knowing this food.

In the letter, the artist explained that she did not mean what it was but how it tastes; due to being a picky eater, she hasn’t eaten it. However, without knowing her reason, she was attacked by fans who claimed that she was “pretending to have the concept of a rich, luxurious girl who studied overseas“.

On January 2nd, the idol responded to all comments in a livestream, saying, “Everyone, do you think I wouldn’t know what kalguksu is? So, what’s kalguksu mean, like… Would I not know, everyone? Think about it twice. That’s right. I didn’t know; that’s why I said I didn’t. Do you all know how many types of kalguksu there are and the ingredients that go into them?

Later, Minji recognized her hard words and sent an apology letter where she explained her position in the controversy and apologized for her actions: “I am truly sorry to the Bunnies, who must have been surprised and hurt that I showed a bad attitude during a live broadcast“.