NewJeans breaks a significant record in the United States

NewJeans breaks a significant record in the United States

NewJeans embarked their fans into the Kpop fever with their album, “Get Up” and they totally sold it. The girls have earned respect in the Kpop industry because of their great contributions not only to the South Korean market but the American one as well, Now, NewJeans have broken another record in the United States.

Billboard 200 released its charts on January 23, showing that NewJeans secured the 197th position with their second EP, “Get Up.” The EP debuted at No. 1 on August 5, and remained all this time inside the chart, adding up another week to their impressive 26 consecutive weeks record.

This amazing record has solidified NewJeans’ status as the longest-running 4th generation Kpop group in the American market. The girls have also broken the record for the longest-running presence on Billboard 200 by any Kpop girl group in history, achieving this milestone just a year and a half after their debut.

NewJeans’ success seems to be unstoppable as they keep thriving in the charts, their smash song, “Super Shy” hugely contributed to the EP’s success in the United States. The song quickly became a must-listen song in the Kpop genre and one of the greatest releases of the last couple of years because of its catchy lyrics and great production.

NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Super Shy' Official MV