NewJeans and IVE join the “Billions Club” for thier success on the Melon music app

NewJeans and IVE join the “Billions Club” for thier success on the Melon music app

There’s no stopping NewJeans and IVE over music app and streaming platform Melon, one of the most popular ones in South Korea. These two power girl groups have recently joined “Billions Club” in Melon’s Hall of Fame, showcasing their incredible popularity and streaming success.

Now, here are the facts: this entry to the exclusive club is reserved for artists who’ve smashed past the 1 billion streams milestone since their debut. But honestly, this is no surprise as both NewJeans and IVE have been at the top of their game, dropping bops left and right.

Let’s talk about the numbers: NewJeans and their hit “Ditto” ruled Melon’s weekly chart for 14 straight weeks, setting a new record. And that’s not all – “Hype Boy” also made history by staying in the top 10 for the longest time this year, with over 200 million streams.

Similarly, IVE also reigned supreme with their 2022 banger “Love Dive.” The track was a massive hit, contributing heavily to their 1 billion stream count, with over 220 million streams. Not falling short, “I AM,” and “Baddie” have continued to dominate.

Fun fact for you: Pinkfong, which is music for small children, also made it to the “Billions Club,” as the first character IP! They’ve released a jaw-dropping 2,666 songs, with iconic “Baby Shark’”alone racking up over 632 million streams.

Who’s going to be the next one to join Melon’s Billions Club next year? We’ve got our own list of names, but drop your boy groups, girl groups, and solo acts in the comments below. Let’s see who gets that streaming gem in 2024!

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