NCT’s Taeyong in rumors of having undergone breast augmentation surgery

NCT’s Taeyong in rumors of having undergone breast augmentation surgery

In recent days, a controversial rumor about Taeyong, a member of the famous boy group NCT, has emerged when several netizens began to claim that the idol had undergone breast augmentation surgery after analyzing some recent photos of the South Korean artist.

Although among the debates that have arisen on social networks there are many fans who defend the idol by denying that these aesthetic procedures have been done, while others have searched for photos as evidence and found a radical change in the singer’s body.

The photos taken as a reference have been in previous concerts, only days apart from the start of the rumor, comparing them with the most recent photos of Taeyong, showing a remarkable change and increase in the pectoral making many believe that this rumor could be true.

Among the other theories of this incredible change in appearance, is that the idol would have used a padded padding, this being a clothing accessory very similar to the shoulder pads in some blazers, but it is used around the breast to highlight the pectoral area.

For their part, others ruled out all rumors saying that this is due to the angles and lights of the place where the idol was. However, fans are still confused as the NCT member has not had more public appearances with which they can compare his physical condition and find out what is behind this change.

The most faithful followers of the group and of Taeyong have shown that despite true or false rumors, they support the artist at all times.