Musical collaboration confirmed between Jungkook from BTS and Justin Bieber

Musical collaboration confirmed between Jungkook from BTS and Justin Bieber

The member of the K-Pop group BTS, Jungkook, has attracted attention in recent days by announcing the release of a new song titled ‘Too Much’ in collaboration with The Kid Laroi and rapper Central Cee; however, what has been given more to talk about is the participation of Justin Bieber.

This next single in which the idol collaborated has a release date of Thursday, October 19th, and fans have shown their great excitement for this unexpected union of talents since it is an important step in the South Korean soloist’s career.

One of the comments that is most repeated on social networks is, ‘JustinKook is real’, after Justin Bieber was confirmed as one of the composers who collaborated in the development of the single ‘Too Much‘, since this is a collaboration that all pop lovers have been waiting for.

This first approach between the top male leaders of pop fills all fans with hope, as they assure that the next thing Jungkook will be announcing will be a collaboration with Canadian Justin Bieber, thanks to the relationship between their agencies.

The results obtained from the recent songs have confirmed that the idol’s career outside the group has been a total success. His upcoming and first solo album, titled ‘Golden‘, which will be released on November 3rd, has been announced with many collaborators with great experience, such as Major Lazer and DJ Snake.

This album is very important for the K-Pop industry, as it will open a very important door for emerging artists in this genre. Thanks to the approaches and collaborations achieved, they have managed to get other artists in the American market to set their sights on South Korean pop.

Are you excited about this collaboration between Jungkook from BTS and Justin Bieber?