MNH Entertainment under fire for illegally selling photos of Chung Ha

MNH Entertainment under fire for illegally selling photos of Chung Ha

Drama alert is on the way! MNH Entertainment is back in the spotlight, and this time for all the WRONG reasons. The name of the company has been buzzing lately, because one of its former idols, Chung Ha, left the agency this week. But now, word on the Internet says that an employee from this South Korean agency has been caught up in some sketchy dealings.

Now, let’s spill some flipping hot tea: Chung Ha is one of Kpop’s hottest idols, no questions asked. As we told you earlier, she decided to peace out from MNH and is now making moves with her new agency, MORE VISION. But, plot twist! A sketchy anonymous employee from MNH decided to use the hype of Chung Ha leaving to sell exclusive pics of hers without any consent from any party!

Even though Mr. or Ms. Sketchy Seller is still hiding, Chung Ha stans are not keeping quiet. They’ve been calling out MNH Entertainment as the main villains behind this pics drama. This was later proved by a dedicated Chung Ha fan, Leejyu, who found these pics on a second-hand goods site.

All of them were behind-the-scene shots and events from the days when Chung Ha was an MNH idol. This goes to prove only an employee in the agency could’ve done something like that. Apart from Leejyu, playing a great detective role, another fan also discovered this employee trying to sell the pics on X and Instagram.

Some fans keep on the lookout for these questionable pics and merchandise sellers, right as Chung Ha left MNH. The bright side? Our Kpop princess might be preparing an epic musical chapter with her new agency – and we’re here for it.