MIRAE‘s Jang Yubin was caught selling a fan’s gift

MIRAE‘s Jang Yubin was caught selling a fan’s gift

The new rookie idol in the scene is receiving attention from the K-Netizens for all the wrong reasons. MIRAE’s Jang Yubin has been highly criticized in the last couple of hours because he was trying to sell a fan’s gift on a secondhand marketplace app, which caused outrage among the fans.

The idol was just caught selling a Diesel Long-Sleeved Shirt for $112. The shirt usually costs $209, but he explained he wore it once since he bought it in Japan in the 2023 fall, and for this reason, he is selling it at a cheap price.

The controversy started after the user @happy_sunday_x revealed a conversation with Jang Yubin on the South Korean Bungee Jangtuh, which is largely known for being a marketplace app. The fan confronted him about why he didn’t think twice before listing the gift for sale, and the idol answered:

“I’ve had a lot on my mind, and I’m just overthinking things, I usually relieve it by shopping and buying things for myself, so I acted on impulse, I didn’t know about what I was doing and I’m so so sorry.

The K-Netizens split in two because of MIRAE‘s Jang Yubin’s comments in the app, some of the fans stated he could do whatever he wanted with the gifts after they belonged to him exclusively. On the other hand, some others stated he is being disrespectful to everyone who has supported him during the first stages of his career. What do you think about this uncomfortable situation?