Meet RIIZE the new K-pop group that has two former NCT members in its line-up

Meet RIIZE the new K-pop group that has two former NCT members in its line-up

South Korean company SM Entertainment officially debuted its latest group named “RIIZE” yesterday, on Monday, September 4. The debut of this rookie group comes after much anticipation due to the different teasers, their pre-debut songs that were previously released, and specially because the boy band has two former NCT members in its line-up.

The group officially made their debut with its first actual single, “Get a Guitar,” which is a funky K-pop song with guitar riffs (as its name implies), a little disco influence, some raps and caramel-like vocals by the members. However, this was not the first time the RIIZE members put out a song.

Actually, their SM Entertainment had them previously release “Memories,” which was their pre-release single, to give fans a sneak-peak of the group. In addition, the 7-piece band released a dance performance video of a song called “Siren,” where fans got to see the young men’s performance skills!

The debut of RIIZE came after SM Entertainment decided to share a statement in which they confirmed the departure of Shotaro and Sung Chan from their former group NCT. At that time, the South Korean company stated that “they will be closing their chapter with NCT” and would “debut in a new boy group that will launch in 2023.” The company apologized to fans for the sudden change but asked them for support toward the two idols.

Now, waiting time is over and RIIZE is finally here. The group’s name comes from the combination of “Rise” and “Realise,” and it is made up of members Shotaro, Sung Chan, Eunseok, Won Bin, Seung Han, So Hee and Anton. They have already made a deal with RCA records for their possible debut in the United States and officially named their fans SUNZ.

Take a look at their latest track here:

RIIZE 라이즈 'Get A Guitar' MV