Meet BTS’ Jungkook’s Mexican lookalike that went viral on the Internet

Meet BTS’ Jungkook’s Mexican lookalike that went viral on the Internet

There are people who have made an impact with their physical resemblances, even in voice there are people who even have very intense similarities to great celebrities, making international versions of our favorite artists exist.

Recently, a double of one of the most popular and beloved members of BTS has been revealed, and it seems that in Mexico, Jungkook’s double has stolen all the attention of the internet.

Meet BTS’s Jungkook’s Mexican lookalike that went viral on the Internet.

The actor known as Beng Zeng, who claims to be Jungkook’s lookalike and is originally from Mexico, has gone viral on the net due to his official Tiktok account.

The videos of the young actor called “The Chinese” have gone viral on the social network mentioned above, and can be compared to the famous Idol for his aesthetics and appearance.

Some fans have compared the clips of the two to see how Beng resembles BTS’s Golden Maknae. Moreover, they claim that he dances like the artist, so their similarity is evident in both his looks and personality.

Beng is a very recognized actor in Mexico due to his participation in comedy characters, where he has always been related to Asian culture, making that now even the internet wants to relate him directly with the Korean celebrity.

It is evident that the resemblance between the two is something that does not happen, but it does not take away from the fact that in social networks people have fun comparing both celebrities.

What do you think about it? Do you think the Mexican Jungkook lookalike is similar to the one we know?