Maverick star Lewis Pullman says the cast relieved themselves in bags while filming flight scenes

Maverick star Lewis Pullman says the cast relieved themselves in bags while filming flight scenes

Top: Gun Maverick star Lewis Pullman says the cast urinated into bags while filming intense flight sequences for the movie.

Filming for Top Gun: Maverick required cast members to endure extreme conditions while shooting intense action sequences. In addition to heated arguments, sweaty sporting activities, and stressful strategy sessions, flying at a projected Mach 10.2 cost the cast a bit of dignity. According to Top Gun: Maverick star Lewis Pullman, who plays weapon systems officer Robert “Bob” Floyd, cast members emptied their bladders into bags while flying thousands of miles.

“We had two boots of gelatin powder strapped to our calves. It would solidify because if there was a leak, it would be a disaster,” he explained to Vanity Fair. “Let’s put it this way: I used both bags quite a bit.”

Peeing into bags while feeling like your teeth are about to fly down your throat is a disturbing mental picture. Lewis says he and cast members remember the intense filming conditions, and there’s always a chance his co-stars will mention the experience on the group’s private chat.

“Our crew is still on a thread. Not Tom [Cruise]; we don’t need to bother him with all of our memes,” Pullman teased. “He’s got more important stuff to do. But he’ll take a call at any point if we ever need help.”

In addition to urinating in bags during flight scenes, cast members told Entertainment Weekly they tore through their share of barf bags too. “I think most of us could say that we were barfing quite a bit,” Danny Ramirez said with a smile. “But I’ve never seen a group of people that puke and rally more than we do. We had a two-hour window to get the scene and so you realize that you can’t let whatever’s coming out of you prevent you from getting what you have to get.”

Some people will do anything for art, even if that means bonding through uncontrollable bodily functions. I would go catatonic if I attempted to fly alongside Tom Cruise at Ludicrous Speed. I’m sure he’s used to it by now, but my ass is staying firmly on the ground. I’ll wave to him as he zooms by.

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