‘Little Women’ Teaser: Kim Go Eun Caught Between Money & Morality in New K-drama

‘Little Women' Teaser: Kim Go Eun Caught Between Money & Morality in New K-drama

Complying with the launch of signboards as well as picture still reduces coming from the series, “Little Women” allotments its own 2nd primary trailer, including the psychological war of Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun as well as Park Ji Hu that are actually torn between morality and money.

Kim Go Eun Towards Succumb Towards Greed in ‘Little Women’

The novel-based K-drama “Little Women” launched a new teaser including Kim Go Eun’s mental war!

“Little Women” is actually a household thriller series which depicts the tales of 3 siblings that obtain associated with a significant event that modifications their ordinary lifestyles.

Kim Go Eun handles the role of Oh In Joo, an accountable as well as caring eldest sibling that will certainly safeguard her household whatsoever sets you back. On the other hand, Nam Ji Hyun changes right in to Oh In Kyung, the 2nd birthed child that jobs as a press reporter.

Park Ji Hu after that participates in the role of Oh In Hye, the youngest sibling that imagine ending up being a musician.

The recently launched teaser starts along with Oh In Joo who’s identified towards alter her lifestyle along with money. Towards reside a various lifestyle, one should quit being actually bad.

Because of enormous despair, Oh In Joo’s logical thoughts is actually rattled. She states, “I desire my dad towards carry money house even though it implies taking.”

For Oh In Joo, her household precedes: for all of them towards reside and consume. In the following culture, Oh In Joo’s eyes broaden along with surprise as well as greed as she stumbles after a big quantity of money.

Unlike her, her sibling Oh In Kyung, is actually cautious of decreasing the incorrect course due to money. She is actually aware that the record is actually a criminal offense.

On the other hand, Park Jae Sang (Uhm Ki Joon), a novice political leader, provokes Oh In Joo through taunting her to perform it.

By the end of the clip, Oh In Joo is actually identified to perform Park Jae Sang’s difficulty without hesitation, lifting interest regarding exactly just what the earliest Oh sibling will certainly perform following.

Additionally, tvN’s “Little Women” will certainly sky for the very first time on Saturday, September 3 at 9:10 p.m. KST. View the teaser right below:

‘Little Women’ K-drama Information You Ought to Understand

“Little Women” is actually a publication composed through Louisa Might Alcott as well as has actually been actually created right in to include movies for more compared to two times currently.

This 2022, Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun as well as Park Ji Hu work with each other for the very first time towards produce a Southern Oriental variation of the tale in a 12-part series.

The 3 actresses will certainly depict how their personalities, that are actually wallowing in hardship, alter the trajectories of their lifestyles with energy, greed and money.

“Little Women” assurances towards provide a heart-warming tale, as well as a drama that audiences will certainly certainly discover vibration coming from.

Furthermore, “Little Women” will certainly also be actually offered on Netflix along with English subtitles.