Lisa of BLACKPINK spllis the tea about her cabaret gig in Paris

Lisa of BLACKPINK spllis the tea about her cabaret gig in Paris

The main dancer and sub-rapper of BLACKPINK, Lisa, has just spilled the beans about why she got all stylish and glammed up for her show in Paris – and boy, the new tea Lisa spilled is flipping hot!

After slaying the stage on the “Born Pink World Tour” with the BLACKPINK gang, Lisa had a really provocative side performance at the Parisian cabaret, “Crazy Horse.” The footage of Lisa raising the temperatures with her sexy – yet elegant moves – sent social media into a frenzy.

Because of this, tons of haters and netizens (especially South Korean ones) threw some massive shade at our BLACKPINK queen. They said her performance was vulgar, and even stated she did not reflect the morals and traditions of Kpop. In contrast, tons of stans and celebs were living and loving her fierce performance, such as her fellow members Jennie and Rosé, and other entertainers like Rosalía or Austin Butler.

As the bothered queen Lisa is, she did not care and posted some fire Insta posts, giving us a little glimpse into her spectacular show in the City of Love. In the pictures, we can see the fab outfits our BLACKPINK girl rocked on her Parisian nights. Wonder about her full HD performance? Well, she left us all guessing, keeping that mystery alive!

Now, get this burning hot tea: after serving dancing and sexiness at the cabaret, Lisa even said she’d be down to come back and do it again. If that wasn’t enough, she even admitted she’s been a Crazy Horse stan for years, visiting the place in the past.

This was later confirmed by Andrée Deissenberg, the big boss of the cabaret. The head honcho revealed in an interview with ELLE and affirmed Lisa wasn’t just a one-time visitor:

“Lisa is a fan of Crazy Horse. She came several times, she often went backstage to see the girls after the show to meet them (…) I thought it would be a good idea. And I went for it. Sometimes the stars align,” Andrée spilled!

Now we know the reason our girl clearly slayed her stage!