Lisa of BLACKPINK had some incredible guests at her cabaret show in Paris

Lisa of BLACKPINK had some incredible guests at her cabaret show in Paris

Our beloved rapper and main dancer, Lisa of BLACKPINK, has been the center of attention after performing in the Parisian cabaret “Crazy Horse.” Even though some fans (and haters, of course) shaded her for being involved in this type of entertainment, Lisa proved all of them wrong after slaying her performance at the cabaret!

The BLACKPINK member is set to do a couple more performances today and tomorrow, Friday, September 29, and Saturday, September 30. While she is also going to bless her audience with a jaw-dropping performance during those days, previous guests certainly had their fun too, during Lisa’s debut at Crazy Horse.

The reason? Well, it turns out that a long list of names from the entertainment industry took some time off in the City of Love to see our kpop queen perform. Get ready, because these guests, while not unexpected, do impress because of how big their names are!

  • Jisoo and Rosé: the band members made time in ther busy agendas to attend Lisa’s show. Remember both of our queens made appeareances in Paris Fashion week looking all fab! They made their way into the show through the VIP doors – as they should.
  • Thanaerng: she is a local celebrity in Lisa’s home country, Thailand. The bombastic pair always finds time to hangout whenever they both coincide in the Thai territory.
  • Rosalía: Spanish queen Rosalía often mentions BLACKPINK and hangs out with them whenever they have the chance. This iconic quintet was almost fully present in the cabaret, with only Jennie missing to make the gang complete.
  • Kaia Gerber & Austin Butler: Kaia is the daughter of Cindy Crawford and she went to this S-Class event with her boyfriend, iconic actor Austin Butler. The couple got into the show through the VIP.

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