“League of Legends” virtual boy band, “HEARTSTEEL” premiered the “PARANOIA” official video

“League of Legends” virtual boy band, “HEARTSTEEL” premiered the “PARANOIA” official video

“League of Legends” has become the clear referent in the quality field in the video game industry. Riot Games has always planned the smallest detail of every release when it comes down to its music catalog and “HEARTSTEEL” was no exception, after the premier of thePARANOIA music video.

The uniqueness of the boy band’s sound lies in the diversity of the voicing of the “League of Legends” characters as the song features EXO’s Baekhyun, Cal Scruby, ØZI, and Tobi Lou. Every segment of “PARANOIA” sounds different from the previous one, but still makes a cohesive song that surely is going to be included on your playlist as soon as you listen to it.

On October 23, Riot Games released “PARANOIA” on streaming platforms with a vibrant and amazing music video that features numerous scenes of the boy band having fun by recording their music video. “League of Legends” visuals have always shown quality and perfection and HEARTSEEL came to give strength to the argument.

The “PARANOIA” music video perfectly blends into cinematic scenarios as the boy band sings a catchy anthem. The fans also praised the individual shots, which give a unique personality to every member of the boy band. This rising bop is expected to be performed at the League of Legends World Championship finale in South Korea.

HEARTSTEEL undoubtedly has embarked his emerging fans into the fantasy of a great music video and surely left everyone hanging off the cliff until a new release. No further information on HEARTSTEEL receiving the same treatment as K/DA. Could they release an EP, or are they going to have just one song for now? Let’s wait and see.

HEARTSTEEL - PARANOIA ft. BAEKHYUN, tobi lou, ØZI, and Cal Scruby (Official Music Video)