“League of Legends” boy band, HEARTSTEEL releases first teaser of “PARANOIA”

“League of Legends” boy band, HEARTSTEEL releases first teaser of “PARANOIA”

“League of Legends” has become a great reference into online video games because of its addictive gameplay and stunning visuals. Once again, Riot Games decided to venture into the music industry. This time around, the company released the first teaser from the new virtual boy band, HEARTSTEEL, which came with their debut song, “PARANOIA.”

Earlier this week, fans around the world had the chance to get to know the characters and their role in the boy band, a couple of promotional photographs, and a video from a discord meeting to know them better before the release. HEARTSTEEL’s members are Cal Scruby, EXO’s BAEKHYUN, Tobi Lou, and ØZ.

This time, Riot Games surprised the fans again with a 17-second clip of “PARANOIA” uploaded to the Official League of Legends YouTube Channel on October 20. This is the first visual glimpse into this new universe and what we have to expect when the song drops on October 23.

The teaser served as the perfect introduction to create a hyping atmosphere before the release, bright colors, flashy graphics and the features of heavy drums in an electric melody already make this song a banger. In addition, what really drew everyone’s attention was the lyrics on the snippet:  “They’re praying for the death of a rockstar.”

Undoubtedly, League of Legends has hit the nail on the nail again with this amazing teaser, the fans also praised Riot Games because of the diversity of characters and songs in the LoL music catalog. You can watch the “PARANOIA” teaser below as you wait until October 23 for the official music video from HEARTSTEEL.

HEARTSTEEL - PARANOIA Music Video Teaser | League of Legends


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