LE SSERAFIM drops a teaser for “Perfect Night” and it’s absolutely fabulous

LE SSERAFIM drops a teaser for “Perfect Night” and it’s absolutely fabulous

Hold on to your seats (and controllers) gamers and Kpop stans! The reason? Kpop group LE SSERAFIM are back to steal the show after their previous release “Unforgiven.” That’s right, they’re making waves with a brand-new digital single, and our Kpop queens have been teasing us for some weeks with concept photos and short videos. But guess what? This time, we’ve got a teaser for their next bop, “Perfect Night,” and it’s coming with some Overwatch 2 magic. The result? Glam, glitz, video games, and everything in between with this sneak peek.

As we told you previously, “Perfect Night” is themed around the world of Overwatch 2, one of the hottest shooting games out there – and let’s just say LE SSERAFIM served it extra hot for this video game crossover! In the video, we can see iconic characters from the game serving looks, vibing along with LE SSERAFIM with some next-level animation that has us speechless! No wonder why FEARNOTs  (that’s the name of LE SSERAFIM stans) are absolutely over the moon with this teaser.

But, is this the first time video games make a crossover with Kpop? Not at all! League of Legends is famous for having Kpop idols in the songs for their video-game music groups. Also, LE SSERAFIM’s label mates, NewJeans, have their own song with League of Legends too, which was a total slay. For this reason, it is not a surprise to see Overwatch 2 jumping into the Kpop trend, and coming along with LE SSERAFIM to do so.

Mark your calendars, “Perfect Night” is going to be lighting up the sky on October 27th. After this, LE SSERAFIM is set to rock the stage performing their new bop at BlizzCon 2023, on November 4th this year. They’re going to serve vocals, choreo, and visuals for both Kpop stans and video game aficionados with this single. It’s honestly the crossover we didn’t know when needed.

Feast your eyes with this glittering teaser right below: