Karina of aespa spills the tea on other Kpop groups: “They fight a lot”

Karina of aespa spills the tea on other Kpop groups: “They fight a lot”

Okay, aespa and Grimes stans, it’s time to get in line! Recently, Rolling Stone Magazine posted an interview with our Kpop girls and alternative pop queen Grimes, all for their Musicians issue on October 24, 2023. During the interview, these 5 fierce queens spilled the tea on different themes, including avatars and virtual reality in music, the difficulties of being in the media, and most importantly: issues in other Kpop groups!

You read that right! This time, Karina of aespa (who is known as an all-rounder idol for her dancing, rapping, and singing skills) decided to open up about the working relationship she has with her other 3 girls: Winter, NingNing, and Giselle. She also wasted no time and shared some juicy details about the interactions of other fellow Kpop groups. Fans are literally SHOOK at these declarations.

Our Karina admitted that there are a lot of groups that get into arguments and aren’t very good at solving conflicts. She went even further and stated that some boy bands and girl bands don’t really work well together – and we can’t blame them, having different personalities in a group must be exhausting!

Luckily for MY (that’s the name of aespa stans, in case you didn’t know) Karina also left no questions about the relationship she has with her other members. She said they get along well and are able to solve their conflicts as soon as they have them. That’s right, they never keep quiet on those things that they dislike and work well together. Honestly, we are not surprised, only a solid group could come up with smash hits like “Spicy” or “Savage.”

Fans are now wondering if there’s any chance a Grimes x aespa collab could happen anytime in the future. Hear us out! It would not be a crazy idea: both Grimes and aespa vibe with that avatar and digital world perspective. Need proof? Grimes was all about that concept with bop “Player of Games” and our 4-piece girl band has been using that idea all throughout their releases.

Watch Karina spill that tea: