Karina from Aespa confesses where her phobia of birds comes from

Karina from Aespa confesses where her phobia of birds comes from

During a recent interview, renowned Aespa member Karina confessed to her fans how her phobia of birds comes from, describing the moment her trauma started when she was ‘very young’ and had an unexpected encounter with dozens of pigeons.

In the idol’s appearance in Jang Do Yeon‘s talk show ‘Salon Drip 2‘, she was asked by the comedian about her ornithophobia, or a phobia of birds. Karina explained its seriousness by saying she is incapable of walking through a sidewalk when there are pigeons; she waits for them to go.

When she was asked about the origin of this fear, she said that it was a long time ago and detailed the day this happened. The Aespa leader started by saying she was walking home after her piano lessons while kicking her bag while going forward.

In her way was a person feeding pigeons, and in some place close was a group of students playing with a ball. The problem was that the guys lost the ball that was directly to the birds that were eating together, so they quickly flew to her way.

The pigeons suddenly flew over the idol’s head, taking her by surprise as she was focusing on kicking her bag. Although she said this may not have happened if she had been paying attention to the environment, until this day she is afraid of birds.