K-Netizens shows outrage against fans dehumanizing Stray Kids’ Felix

K-Netizens shows outrage against fans dehumanizing Stray Kids’ Felix

Stray Kids Felix has been under the eye of the hurricane because of the latest controversies surrounding his persona. Numerous K-Netizens have been asking JYP Entertainment to protect the idol from malicious comments and fan calls because people are trying to dehumanize Felix.

There have been numerous occasions where Felix has been mistreated and people talk to him disrespectfully because they don’t see him as a human being anymore. This rising concern led fans around the world to demand Felix’s rights on social media.

The latest fan call was out of tone for most of the fans who have followed Stray Kids throughout their careers. Felix was asked to behave like a cat, as a fan told him, they missed him so much, what did he do when he wasn’t home? And he simply answered with a meow.

The fan kept dehumanizing Felix as they asked him to come close to the camera to watch his paws. This fan call only proved how uncomfortable Felix was, and was enough for the rest of the fandom to demand their music agency to stop fan calls.

This is not the first time that Stray Kids’ Felix has been involved in a situation that makes him feel uncomfortable, after one time someone referred to him as their “desert.” There’s no valid reason to mistreat and dehumanize an artist because they’re famous.


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