Jungkook posted a new shirtless TikToK

Jungkook posted a new shirtless TikToK

Jungkook has become the town of the town since he accidentally exposed his TikTok account to the general public and subsequently became one of the most followed TikTok accounts on the platform. Since then, he has become widely famous because of his dance challenges.

This segment into Jungkook’s journey has been greatly received by his fans, better known, as the ARMY, because he always showcases his performance and dancing skills. Despite the ARMY has always been delightful, they wanted more and started to ask him on TikTok and WeVerse if he could dance shirtless at least once.

The ARMY received a joking response from Jungkook, who stated: “There are a lot of pervs among ARMYs too, I see. ARMYs also have evil minds inside them.” However, he never fulfilled those requests until now.

On October 19, the Golden Maknae shared a new dance TikTok shirtless, and created such a furor among the ARMY who was more than thrilled by watching this amazing video. The black-and-white video already become viral, and everyone wants a little more.

At the same time, this video serves as BTS’ Jungkook’s comfort after the 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards were canceled because of the political issues the world is facing right now. Jungkook was part of the performers and this would be an incredible promotion for his upcoming debut album, “GOLDEN.”

Jungkook is still part of the show which is going to be held in November 2023, as well he has been nominated for three categories including Best Song’, ‘Best K-Pop’ and ‘Biggest Fans’. For now, you can enjoy Jungkook’s latest TikTok video.



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