Jungkook of BTS is stirring things up with his TikTok choices

Jungkook of BTS is stirring things up with his TikTok choices

Buckle up, ARMYs! Our Kpop prince, Jungkook of BTS, is in the eye of social media users again, but this time, it all has to do with things you might not be expecting! So, here’s the tea, and trust us, It’s flipping hot: while we’re used to hearing Jungkook slay with killer vocals and show-stopping performances, it seems the idol’s now been stirring the pot with his TikTok activity. Now, let’s clarify this: some stans are giving a side-eye, but others are totally here for it. Still, the chatter is undeniable.

Get this fact: the official TikTok account of the BTS member has become a crime scene for some seriously dedicated Jungkook and BTS fans, also known as ARMY. These stans have been keeping an eye on Jungkook’s every social media move (think detective magnifying glass in hand). Their mission? To investigate the “likes” of his idol and find out about JK’s preferences – and oh boy, they found some steamy content Jungkook likes to watch.

Amidst his story of liked videos, there’s a recurring theme: a group of TikToks with dancing girls, with sultry moves and bombastic outfits that scream: FIRE! The content has Jungkook fans all over the world wondering why their idol would like such sexy footage. Why is it that he’s been liking and hitting replay to these girls?

As expected, some stans couldn’t hold back and commented on how “inappropriate” Jungkook’s online preferences are. They were extra critical, reminding our Golden Maknae that he is a role model and that he should be much more private with the type of content he enjoys on the Internet. They even mentioned the time when the BTS vocalist made the headlines with some sasaengs (obsessed/freak fans).

But in the vast lines of the BTS ARMY, not every fan resonates with these thoughts. A significant part of the ARMY is totally vibing with Jungkook. They are pretty much like “Let JK Live.” They’ve been saying that Jungkook is an adult, he is mature, and has the right to express himself and watch whatever thing he likes on his own TikTok account, without the magnifying glass of some crazy fans.

Let us know where you stand in this TikTok drama!

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