Jungkook of BTS goes adorably shy in Japan and the Internet loves it!

Jungkook of BTS goes adorably shy in Japan and the Internet loves it!

Listen up, BTS stans! Even though our Jungkook is the ultimate global sensation of BTS, and he is practically the definition of “world-famous” right now, guess what? He’s still mega adorable. Yes! Even with all his solo achievements, steamy pictures, and sexy songs, there are occasions when our Kpop king and heartthrob gets a little bit camera shy.

Wanna know what this tea is all about? Well, on October 19 the BTS member made an appearance at a Calvin Klein event in Japan. For context here, he’s an ambassador for the brand. Basically, the moment he stepped in, it was like Japan totally shifted! Cameras snapped, lights flashed, fans screamed, and all eyes were on the “Seven” singer. Even though he was definitely the center of attention at the event, JK still looked cool, calm, and collected.

But this is when it gets spicy: as confident as JK seemed, he could not handle the pressure of his pics. Need proof? A viral video revealed that our vocal king was feeling super shy (shoutout to NewJeans for this one). When his snaps rocking that Calvin Klein look were showcased at the event, Jungkook got all timid with rosy cheeks! As everyone (including himself) stared at those fire pics of him, you could see him getting all adorable and shy about them.

After this footage was revealed, Netizens and BTS stans (also known as ARMY) couldn’t help but notice the duality in Jungkook: first we have the confident sexy guy along with a shy baby seeing his own pic. Talk about versatility in one person! JK is truly a personality rollercoaster.

We are all about this side of Jungkook and so is ARMY. They just simply get over how cute and shy the Golden Maknae looks. Their verdict? Even when he’s a touch unsure, they’ll love him to the moon and back.