Jungkook of BTS drops steamy promo pics for his new single

Jungkook of BTS drops steamy promo pics for his new single

Okay ARMY, it is time for you to hold on to your hearts! Kpop king and BTS member, Jungkook, is getting ready to drop his steamy new single, titled “3D,” with none other than U.S. rapper Jack Harlow. As usual, the BTS vocalist accompanied his new upcoming track with some breathtaking visuals in his promo pics. They are just straight-up fire and ARMY is shook!

Jungkook recently announced the song at the Global Citizen Festival in NYC. Back then, he spilled the beans about his collab with Jack Harlow on “3D.” And this time, the song is closer than ever, with it being released tomorrow, September 29. Since then, Jungkook has been teasing ARMY left and right with a sneak-peak and promo pics for the song.

Now, enough background because this is what has everyone dropping their jaws. The latest smoking hot promo shots of shirtless Jungkook for “3D” are here, and honestly we are loving them. These snaps possibly come from footage of the actual music video for the upcoming song, which might point out the BTS vocalist could also have some extra steamy scenes and angles when the official MV drops.

As you would expect, the spicy content is now crosisng over every social media platform. The BTS ARMY just can’t help but to admire Jongkook’s charms, especially because there might be an album along the way and he could also enlist in the mandatory military service. In any case, that’s how our Kpop king leaves a mark!

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