Jungkook of BTS displays his spectacular visuals and sense of humor for Vogue

Jungkook of BTS displays his spectacular visuals and sense of humor for Vogue

BTS‘ youngest sensation, Jungkook, recently sat down with Vogue Japan a few weeks ago. Marking the release of his debut solo album, “GOLDEN,” JK talked about his travel essentials, his fashion sense, and current focuses.

Jungkook is, of course, known for his charm, visual power, and down-to-earth personality. He let all of these qualities shine during the interview, showcasing his more playful and funny side. But that’s enough context, let’s dive in on those juicy details the “Seven” crooner shared with the magazine.

First, when asked about his travel must-haves, Jungkook’s list was short but significant: his cellphone, his passport and he had to mention the Calvin Klein pieces, as he smiled at the camera. Now, in case you didn’t know, our JK is an ambassador for the brand, so he’s really working overtime to promote it!

Next, he gave us an insight into his fashion tastes and mentioned Calvin Klein and comfort as key parts. He expressed some mad love for a Calvin Klein denim set-up from the Spring 2024 collection. But what’s his take on style? A mix of oversized clothes, big shoes, and knitted hats.

Finally, the BTS member gave us a glimpse into what he’s been doing. When asked about his current focus, Jungkook jokingly answered, saying “Right now, I’m concentrating on this interview!” But jokes aside, he admitted his main focus was preparing for his debut album and delivering his best in that department.

And there you have it, ARMY (that’s the name BTS and Jungkook fans have it). Our Golden Maknae (youngest member) is now a solo powerhouse with a narrative and style of his own!