Jungkook of BTS and LE SSERAFIM have a hilarious TikTok moment, and fans can’t stop laughing!

Jungkook of BTS and LE SSERAFIM have a hilarious TikTok moment, and fans can’t stop laughing!

Massive company, HYBE, is home to two of the hottest kpop acts right now: Jungkook of BTS and LE SSERAFIM. Both have been slaying and conquering the charts with their bops and albums, and they are also really hardworking and always on-point with their performances. But… are these Kpop idols only co-workers, or are there any friendship vibes going on?

The answer is yes, they’re totally besties. Why? Well, Our Golden Maknae (just another nickname Jungkook has, in this case, for being the youngest head in BTS) just had the most hilarious interaction with the fabulous girls from LE SSERAFIM. And the fans? They were totally living for that moment – and we can’t blame them. Their idols vibing together and having a laugh is a total show!

Here are the facts: recently, the official TikTok account of LE SSERAFIM blessed FEARNOT (that’s of LE SSERAFIM’s fandom name if you didn’t know) with a video of the members doing the viral “Slickback” challenge. It involves running in circles with a fancy foot movement that creates the illusion of floating. Sadly, the footwork didn’t go as planned, but we did get pure comedy from the “Fearless” singers.

Now, who better to stumble upon this moment than our Jungkook? After watching the TikTok, he couldn’t help but jump into the comments, leaving a message filled with laughter – and we don’t blame him! The video is absolutely hilarious and the girls look adorable trying to complete the challenge.

Every stan truly enjoyed this moment. Need proof? Well, all fans joined the party with a chorus of “LOLs.” Of course, Jungkook’s comment was just good vibes. Yes, he might have been making fun of the girls a little bit, but who could resist? Anyway, this just goes to prove the tight-knit family HYBE has created, mixing hard work with fun and laughter.