Jungkook of BTS and Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO show their bromance in a dance video

Jungkook of BTS and Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO show their bromance in a dance video

Kpop stans, it’s time to assemble! Why? Well, Jungkook of the legendary group BTS and Cha Eunwoo from the iconic ASTRO just dropped the hottest video on the Internet. This iconic pair gave ARMYs and AROHAS (that’s the name of BTS and ASTRO fans, if you didn’t know) a sneak peek into their bromance. How? They just showcased their killer dance moves in a clip that’s already going viral across social media. This is totally the crossover we didn’t know we loved!

Initially, the Internet started buzzing when Jungkook accidentally spilled the beans on his secret TikTok account back in August. Since then, the BTS member let the cat out of the bag and decided to use his account publicly to stay connected to his fans. So, if you take a look at his TikTok profile, you’ll most likely see the “Seven” superstar grooving to his own or BTS choreos. But this time, he surprised ARMY with a very special guest.

And here’s Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO! Fans are well aware of that “97 line” friendship group, which includes our very own Golden Maknae (Jungkook), Bambam, Yugyeom, The8, Mingyu, DK, Jaehyun, and of course, Cha Eunwoo. These besties often hang out, share meals, and chat on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not much has been seen of Jungkook and Eunwoo getting up close and personal, until now.

Now, here’s the tea: the two idols pressed that record button and danced to Jungkook’s solo hit “Seven.” Not only did they rock the choreo (honestly, no one’s surprised here), but they also showcased their friendship and bond with genuine and heartfelt gestures. This is totally a collab where they served mad love and killer moves!

The video has already garnered over 11 million views in just 8 hours since it was posted! The result? Fans from both fandoms are totally SHOOK with this duet. They have also flooded social media platforms like X (previously known as Twitter) with the cutest comments. We are hoping to see more from this dynamic duo in the future. Who knows, maybe an ASTRO X BTS collab? That’d be insane!