Jungkook is set to collaborate with David Guetta and MK for new remixes

Jungkook is set to collaborate with David Guetta and MK for new remixes

BTS’ Jungkook has been the talk of the town since he released his debut single as a soloist titled, “Seven” featuring Latto. The song became a global phenomenon and subsequently made Jungkook one of the most famous idols of the K-pop scene. Then, he released a second single titled, “3D”  of his upcoming debut album, “GOLDEN” he met success, and he is ready to do it for a third time.

The two successful singles are included in “GOLDEN,” causing a furor among his fans, better known as the ARMY, who thought he might not be including them. These songs are still in everyone’s mouth and this reason was enough for BigHit Music to announce new remixes of “Seven” and “3D” with the top-tier DJ, David Guetta, and MK.

On October 28, KST, BigHit Music released a statement describing the sound of the remixes. David Guetta is in charge of making the remix of “Seven,” which transforms the original track into an electrifying electronic dance genre bop, as he introduces a unique drop-section melody. Also, MK is set to release the remix of “3D” described as the reinterpretation of the danceable house genre.

Undoubtedly, BTS’ Jungkook is ready to write history with new versions of his singles, both remixes are set to be released on October 30 to create a hyping atmosphere days before the release of his debut album, “GOLDEN.” The record is going to be accompanied by the third single, “Standing Next To You.”

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