Jin took advantage of his high military rank to make fun of J-Hope

Jin took advantage of his high military rank to make fun of J-Hope

On December 11th, when RM and V of BTS started their military enlistment, their bandmates Jimin, Jungkook, and even Jin, J-Hope, and Suga were present to see them off as they should, supporting each other as a family, creating a very touching moment for all the fans.

Through Weverse, Jin shared an experience he lived that day, which was very funny for him, as he made fun of his groupmate J-Hope, whose current military rank is ‘Corporal‘, which means that in the army’s command lines he is lower than Jin, who is currently ‘Sergeant‘.

Jin is characterized for having an excellent sense of humor and taking advantage of any situation to make everyone laugh, and this was no exception, because according to what he said, he took advantage of his military rank to make a joke to J-Hope. The idol narrated the facts as follows:

Jin: Hey, J-Hope. A student tried to have a conversation with me. Is that okay?

J-Hope: Hyung-nim, I’ll go show them some military discipline.

Jin: Hyung-nim? Are you allowed to call me ‘hyung’ while you’re in the army? I’m your sergeant; is that acceptable?

J-Hope: I’m sorry, sir; it is not.

The end!

Netizens reacted with laughter at this moment and showed happiness that Jin still maintains his characteristic sense of humor and doesn’t miss a chance to play a good joke on his fellow members.