Jin reveals the song that almost ended BTS’ career

Jin reveals the song that almost ended BTS’ career

In the recently released documentary of BTS group ‘Monuments: Beyond the Star‘, Jin reveals the song that almost ended the group’s career when they were just starting out, because after having their first hit with ‘Boy With Luv’, the guys had known glory, but they knew that it was not enough.

The agency demanded another big hit from the BTS members, so the pressures they were under at that time were very severe. If the new song didn’t have good results, it could affect the company financially, putting the future of the band at risk.

The results of the song ‘Danger‘ were not as expected, as it never reached a good position and also didn’t last more than one day in the trending charts. This affected the company and the members significantly; even Jin revealed, “I sincerely thought that our end had come“.

However, the BTS guys did not give up and worked hard to create ‘I NEED U‘, which ended the band’s anguish, as its massive success managed to pull them through and gave them the confidence to become the top representatives of K-Pop that they are today.

Currently, BTS’ music career is completely on hiatus, as all the members have decided to start their military service to fulfill their obligation to the country and will resume their activities in 2025 all together, yet they made sure to leave great hits for their fans to enjoy during their absence.