Jimin of BTS stuns with pictures for new campaign with Dior, he’s looking fab

Jimin of BTS stuns with pictures for new campaign with Dior, he’s looking fab

Jimin of BTS has been blessing us all with content this year. First, he captured our hearts with his solo music and his album “FACE” – Trust us when we say it’s a collection of the best Kpop bops! Then, he recently confirmed he’ll be dropping a new documentary (where he’ll spill the tea about the making of his album) and now he is serving visuals with his new pictures for the French brand, Dior. 

This comes as no surprise because the BTS vocalist has been one of the faces of the brand since 2019 when Dior gave Jimin and his bandmates some fly fits for the “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour” in Los Angeles.

Fast forward to now: our Kpop king was chosen as an official ambassador for the luxury brand earlier this year, specifically in January – and let’s just say he’s totally slaying it for Dior (as he should!). In the new pics the French brand gave us, we can see Jimin in a variety of elegant yet cute outfits in a natural light.

For this new campaign, Jimin is rocking a more classy vibe and we are living for it. First, we can see him wearing a light blue sweater and a super fly elegant backpack. Now, the main focus of this pic has to be that gaze! He’s looking really mysterious, I bet he’s getting ready to spill all the details about his album in the next few days.

Then we can see him wearing a tailored dark blue suit with some brown elegant shoes. This is really giving us “Butter” Jimin but in a more refined kind of way! Finally, we can see him rocking that light yellow sweater vest with some “multi-colored” Dior patterns over it. We don’t lie when we say this is the most adorable fit in this collection!

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