Jimin of BTS spllis the tea about a new documentary and we can’t wait

Jimin of BTS spllis the tea about a new documentary and we can’t wait

Jimin of BTS has been serving content left and right this year! First, he blessed us by dropping his first studio album “Face,” which spawned the smash singles “Set Me Free Pt. 2” and “Like Crazy.” He sure had us bopping back in March with those Kpop masterpieces. Now, our BTS boy is gonna be releasing a new documentary titled “Jimin’s Production Diary.”

To announce this exciting new project, Jimin dropped a teaser trailer on YouTube today, Tuesday, October 10 – and you should totally watch it. Now get this very fresh tea: the video description says the documentary “chronicles the creation of [FACE], Jimin’s debut solo album, as he embarks on a new artistic journey.”

'Jimin's Production Diary' Teaser Trailer

And that’s exactly the type of vibe we’re getting here. Our BTS vocalist wants us to know every bit about the times when he started working on his debut solo album:

“Is (the album) supposed to be thhis way? It’s something that I shouldn’t think too simply. It became the opportunity to know what I should do more clearly. I can say that there are more things I want to do,” Jimin said while vocalizing over some beats in his MacBook.

Now, the teaser trailer did not come alone! Jimin and BTS’ social media accounts started some serious buzz after sharing a release calendar to give fans something to look forward to during the month. In X, also known as Twitter, Jimin confirmed that this sneak-peak was just the beggining of his plan.

Why? Well, on October 12 we’ll see a keyboard interview, October 13 is the day for the main trailer, you’ll be able to start pre-ordering the 14th and the documentary will oficially drop on October 23. 

Let us know if you are hyped in the comments below!