Jimin of BTS is the most beloved Christmas celebrity this year

Jimin of BTS is the most beloved Christmas celebrity this year

It’s official, ARMY! Jimin of BTS is the coolest idol everyone’s dreaming of rocking around the Christmas tree with. After some intense voting, this Kpop sensation just snagged the top spot in a South Korean poll, called “Stars you want to enjoy a Christmas party with.” Jimin is capable of winning and slaying even when his completing his military service, but honestly, are we even surprised?

The fierce Idol Chart survey ran from December 11th to 17th, grouping fans for a unique Xmas competition. It was all about that star they’d love to jingle bell rock with this holiday season, and now we finally got the results. Out of a whopping 118,427 votes, Jimin charmed his way to the top with 37,229 votes. The “Like Crazy” singer just took home 31% of all the votes cast!

Now, if you thought the Xmas magic was over, you’re wrong! This holiday season is literally a BTS party, with other members of the group following Jimin in the results. Not to be left out in the cold, Jin cozied up second place with 28,821 votes, while V and Suga snagged third and fourth spots. ARMY (that’s the name of BTS fans) really knows how to bring that Christmas spirit.

Now, let’s go back to Christmas Eve 2020, when Jimin surprised fans with a slice of musical magic. Back then, he dropped his self-composed track “Christmas Love,” making the perfect present under the tree. We think it’s the perfect time to replay this bop and celebrate this holiday cheer.

Congrats Jimin for making Xmas extra merry and bright!

Christmas Love by Jimin