Jimin exposes V because he did not attend his event

Jimin exposes V because he did not attend his event

It is common to see how members of the K-Pop BTS group show each other affection and much support, and in particular, the relationship between members Jimin and V is one of the favorites of internet users due to the chemistry they have shown to have in their interactions; however, in the most recent one, one of them was exposed live.

On October 30th, when Jimin was holding the special live event with his fans for his documentary, entitled ‘Jimin’s Production Diary’, he expressed that he really would like V to meet him as a support, but he explained that all members of the band are busy.

The relationship on the part of both idols is worthy of a brotherhood, which is why many ARMYs understand why Jimin wanted his partner to share stage with him; however, although V could not be physically present, he connected through Weverse, commenting and demonstrating his support.

The attitude of the protagonist of the event changed when he noticed that his friend was sending him messages during the live broadcast. He even began to make a lot of jokes about the band member, telling him that if he wanted to attend, they could play pin pong and even start recording from the start.

Jimin did not stop joking and suddenly exposed the idol, stating that he probably did not attend because he was lying in his bed, relaxed. He continued to say, among laughter, that it was possible that he had not bathed before going to sleep; he later made a reverence apologizing for the jokes.

This interaction between the two singers makes it very clear that their friendship is genuine and remains stronger than ever despite being in a group break. Meanwhile, the fans who watched the show through Weverse and the ARMYs present described the moment as something very emotional and meaningful.

What do you think of the funny way in which Jimin exposed V in front of the entire ARMY?