Jimin apologizes to his BTS members and the reason will melt your heart

Jimin apologizes to his BTS members and the reason will melt your heart

Jimin of BTS recently had every single ARMY in their feelings, and not because of his caramel-like vocals. This time, the BTS member shared the cutest pre-debut story he had with his other bandmates, making it clear that they’re not just coworkers – they’re besties, brothers, even fam! ,

Before each BTS member had a solo career, even before they smashed the charts as a group, they were also super close. This was proven by Jimin’s recent story. Now here’s that anecdote: On October 12, Weverse shared an interview with Jimin, where he talked about BTS’ past and his own journey.

The juicy part comes here: when asked about his most memorable birthday with BTS, Jimin talked about his trainee days. He told Weverse that, at that time, he hadn’t even had his role as an official BTS member confirmed. Despite that, the boys got their cash together to buy him a bracelet for his birthday!

But plot twist! Just as everyone was all in their feels, getting teary-eyed, Jimin quickly spilled the tea on the nostalgic bracelet. He confessed that he had lost it! Everything happened as he was moving, after he got to his new place, he lost trace of it and never saw it. Due to this, Jimin apologized to the rest of his BTS members.

After this heartwarming anecdote, ARMY lifted Jimin and told him that everyone misplaces or loses their possessions now and then – and we totally agree. What is truly important was this super sweet moment the boys got to share and the beautiful memory that was created.

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