Jessi draws attention for comments she made about BTS’ Jungkook

Jessi draws attention for comments she made about BTS’ Jungkook

Despite the fact that in recent times it has been believed that the famous South Korean singer Jessi was a bit away from social networks, in recent days she drew attention of many K-Pop fans by sharing comments about Jungkook, member of the renowned group BTS.

The artist excites her fans by starting a live on the TikTok platform in which she made an unexpected mention of BTS’ Golden Maknae, who despite his great popularity for his recent solo song ‘SEVEN‘, surprised viewers by talk about the singer suddenly.

For her part, the also presenter is well known among her followers for her brutal honesty and unpredictable comments that she lets out in the middle of live broadcasts or programs in which she participates and that always make her fans laugh.

However, Jessi is not afraid to show affection and admiration to other artists of the genre either, and this time it was Jungkook’s turn to receive some comments from the rapper and it was in the recent TikTok live, where she was shown humming the new song of the idol showing that she liked it.

In addition, the singer made a paused between humming the chorus, which showed how the song did not want to get out of her head, to affirm in her interaction with her followers how much she likes that song and praised the explicit version by saying he is demostrating that he is a “grown man“.

I actually really like that song“.

He says something like ‘I’ll be f**kin’ you’, I like that, I like how he did that. It shows that he is a grown man“.