Jessi confirmed making her first comeback under her new label

Jessi confirmed making her first comeback under her new label

Jessi has been the talk of the town because of her enigmatic aura and charisma, the idol who has never been fearful of showing her true colors is back once again with her first comeback under her new label, MORE VISION.

The idol signed a contract with PSY’s record label, P Nation in 2019 and released a couple of singles under the label. On June 10, 2022, it was announced that Jessi’s contract was set to expire the same month after three years with the label.

P Nation was under fire because of Jessi’s expiration contract, and she had to clarify she didn’t leave P Nation on bad terms. In addition, she also addressed the rumors she was not going to retire from the K-pop scene.

Jessi’s fans, better known as Jebbies, were more than concerned because the idol didn’t address the situation about her next steps in her music career. After a couple of months of silence, it was reported that Jessi signed with Jay Park’s label, MORE VISION on April 14, 2023.

On October 3, Korean media outlets revealed that Jessi has almost wrapped up preparing for her upcoming album, and the music agency, MORE VISION addressed the rumors with a short statement:

“Jessi will make a comeback at the end of the month. The exact date of its release is under discussion.”

This is going to mark Jessi’s first comeback under MORE VISION, which is expected to become a global phenomenon as she seeks perfection and promotion to boost her career. Meanwhile, we wait for this amazing comeback, you can watch one of the most popular songs from Jessi below:

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