Jennie of BLACKPINK officially drops “You & Me” and it has us bopping!

Jennie of BLACKPINK officially drops “You & Me” and it has us bopping!

BLINKS, get in line! As we anticipated this week, Jennie of BLACKPINK finally dropped her highly anticipated new song “You & Me” – and it’s everything we didn’t know we needed! This massive bop was officially released today, and it once again captured the hearts of BLACKPINK fans, also known as BLINKS.

But hold up, once again? Yes! In case you didn’t know, our Kpop queen first debuted this track during the “Born Pink World Tour” in the solo performance she had during the shows. At first, die hard BLINKS were convinced she would perform her only song up until that moment “SOLO,” but boy we were wrong…

So, instead of doing “SOLO,” the BLACKPINK member blessed us with the special song “You & Me,” which hadn’t been oficially dropped until today, Friday October 6. Can you believe it? Jennie did take her time to give us this one… But that’s alright, because we’re loving it!

The song was dropped in three different versions: first, we got the dance performance video, where Jennie showcases how effortlessly she can slay that choreo:


We also got the official audio of this bop, and as if it wasn’t enough, our BLACKPINK queen blessed us with the Coachella version of “You & Me,” which she performed at the festival of the same name. Remember that performance? That had us gagged!

JENNIE - You & Me (Coachella ver.) (Official Audio)

What are your impressions of this new bop? we’re definitely loving it! It has that perfect mix of pop perfection along with some of that Jennie rapper badass vibe she can only pull off.

Let us know in the comments below.