Jennie of BLACKPINK is no longer “Solo,” she just confirmed her new bop “You & Me”

Jennie of BLACKPINK is no longer “Solo,” she just confirmed her new bop “You & Me”

Remember when BLACKPINK kicked off their “Born Pink World Tour” last year in October? Well, our Kpop queens have come a long way since then, breaking ticket sales records left and right with their concerts! Now, let us take you back to the tour before spilling the tea about Jennie’s new song… 

Back when the Born Pink World Tour was still up and running, every BLACKPINK member had a solo stage to showcase their own magic. Now, if you are a real BLINK you would remember that, during the concerts, Rosé blessed us with her vocals in “Gone” and “Hard To Love,” and then Lisa had us shaking it with “Money.”

Also, Jisoo first sang “Liar” by pop queen Camila Cabello, but as soon as she released her own jam “Flower,” she gave a twist to her solo stage, and we loved it.

Now, for Jennie, the story’s a little bit different. Everyone thought our girl would slay her only song to date, conveniently titled “SOLO.” But plot twist! Jennie actually had us shook by bringing a new vibe with “You & Me,” a new bop she debuted during the tour (which never had a studio version).

Fast forward to now: Jennie decided to give us all a little present and announced she would drop the studio version of her bop “You & Me” this Friday, October 8. Now, set up your alarms because it is going to be coming at 12 a.m. Eastern Time, and 1 p.m. South Korean time.

Get in line, BLINKS! and let us know if you’re hyped about Jennie finally giving us a studio version for You & Me. In case you just can’t wait, here’s the live version for you to bop your head to: